Special Mineral

Tobacco free shisha

Shisharoma is a volcanic crumbled stone. It has been standing still and untouched for ten million years, as the hot crater spit it out, waiting for someone to take it in their ceramics and smolder again. We sorted out the most competent stones with the help of some excellent geologists (for which I would like to say thanks here). The biggest challenge was to find the best stones and minerals, and to process them. Our target was to produce a really good steam stone. The Shisharoma.

shisha steam stone, for hookah

After we mined the stones we grind them and select them according to size. Then after bolting them and washing them extensively, we put them into an oven where the temperature is more than 300 Celsius degrees. In the oven, the stones lose their bad flavor and moisture.

Thousands of micro capillaries provide the ability to soak up all the humidity. And because of that, you can do it at home and there is no need for high pressure.

This means you can flavor your Shisharoma at home. You just need the steam stone and the Shishasyrup, it works without any special techniques or equipments. If you mix the Shishasyrup and the steam stone, you will blow as big clouds as a real dragon.

hookah steam stone

Thursday, February 13, 2014, 10:44 am Special Mineral