Usage of stone

Depending on the ceramics, you can prepare it in several ways. The usage of the Shisharoma stone is very simple. It doesn’t require any special techniques or equipments. There is only a small difference compared to tobacco. There are three different types of ceramics so there are three different techniques. Here they are:

Phunnel ceramics: It’s enough to put the adequate quantity of steam stones on the ceramics. Be careful with the overflow! Then put 2 or 3 layers of tinfoil on it tightly, and cut some small holes on it. You shouldn’t puncture the 0.5-1.5 inches radius center of the foil.

Vortex ceramics: This is similar to the Phunnel technique. The only difference is a special steam stone saving method. If you would like to save some stones you should fill the bottom of the ceramics with tinfoil.

Traditional, Egyptian ceramics: First, take a look at the holes on the ceramics. Be sure that they are smaller than the stones. Your ceramics must be more than 0.6 inches deep, otherwise there’s only room for a few stones, and it would not last very long. And then just put the Shisharoma stones on the ceramics, but make sure that it doesn’t go higher than the ceramics. Finally, cover it with tinfoil with small holes on it.

After you prepared the ceramics, put it on the top of your hookah, and light the charcoal. You should wait until a white ash layer appears on the side of the charcoal, either if it’s natural or self-heating. You shouldn’t put the charcoal on the ceramics until this ash layer appears. You can put it on the ashtray or just leave it to smolder. When it smolders well you should blow it a few times and then put it on the hookah. You can put the heat holder on it for a few minutes.

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